What lies ahead…


When we look at our marriage story, we have seen both obstacles and opportunities. We believe that the shadow of God’s glory is found in our story. And in yours! 

But to fully unveil His glory within us we have had to completely embrace our story, no matter how painful, no matter how insignificant the enemy tries to say it is. 

The story of your life is the story of the long and brutal assault upon your heart by the one who knows what you could be and fears it. -Eldredge

Like many, our story was once an obstacle, but now an epic opportunity to help others!

For the last few years, my wife and I have shared our story countless times, read lots, reached out, received counsel, mentored couples, and bathed it all in prayer. 

We have blogged about our marriage, receiving each others feedback, as if possessed by the supernatural. Yet nothing has gripped us so powerfully in the last few years as much as what we see happening now in our lives. 

My family forges a legacy not made by human hands

My wife and I have found the glory of God flow seamlessly from our marriage story into our family. I don’t know how else to describe it except to call it overflow.

We have seen friends experience similar breakthroughs.

How can I describe it? I went bowling with friends recently. The sound of the bowling ball striking the pins is much like the crash of FREEDOM we feel in our family. We are breaking down strongholds even from previous generations! What a feeling! Take that satan!

bowling - scared pincs

Merriam-Webster defines obstacle as anything that blocks progress or achievement.

  • obstacles like fear and doubt will inevitably stand in our way
  • we must do WHATEVER IT TAKES to overcome
  • focusing on obstacles feeds into fear but embracing opportunities empowers us
  • we see more opportunities when we focus on Love! I describe that here
  • God has given us allies to help protect us from isolation

On a much greater scale, at the heart of every marriage is a kingdom. Each marriage is to cultivate and conquer together. Like The Lord of the Rings expect your kingdom to be assaulted by enemies. Prepare to fight for it all!

helms deep

You live in a world at war. Spiritual attack must be a category you think in or you will misunderstand more than half of what happens in your marriage.

John Eldredge, Love and War

Following are ways we have overcome obstacles and embrace opportunities in our marriage and family.

1. Mindset Matters

  • When God makes a man a warrior in marriage, heroes are born.
  • Heroes treat obstacles as an opportunity to overcome fears and fight for others.
  • Our families lives are at stake so we much commit to being teachable(more here)
  • We must free our mind of painful poses and massive misunderstandings.

Don’t get it twisted. We are created to be heroes not harassed and helpless

Case in point, while memorizing Psalm 23 as a family last year, my son showed signs of supernatural depression due to harassment from a school bully. Instead of overreacting, we used this opportunity to point him to the Shepherd of his soul, who restores our confidence and speaks Truth in the valley. 

My son is an honorable gift born of God. He will meet countless bullies and victims in his life, but few will ever become HEROES like him.

We are created to be heroes! 

Questions worth asking:

  • When you stand on the frontier of your kingdom together, what do you see in your mind’s eye? What does your heart say? 
  • Do you see obstacles or do you see a kingdom ready for your taking?
  • If you feel alone in your marriage then you are already supernaturally isolated. Where might you look for allies to help you find your breakthrough?


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